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Wednesday, 28 December 2022

Beer moments of 2022

Well, it's been a while since we used this platform. Combination of "life stuff", changing priorities, feeling fulfilled enough in our jobs that we don't need this outlet in the same way we once did... but anyway. I've missed it, and I now feel I have something I want to share, so here goes. 

We considered putting together a "Golden Pints" this year - there's a lot of fantastic beer around, and we've imbibed plenty of it over the course of 2022. But what's actually truly stuck with me, more so than the liquid itself, is the time, the place, and the moment in which that beer was enjoyed. And as we head towards another year of uncertainty for the beer industry as a whole - from suppliers of raw materials, to breweries, to pubs, bars and beer shops - it's these sorts of experiences that are absolutely critical, and that can't be replicated. The social side of beer is such a unique and wonderful thing, and that's something to cherish.

So here's my personal list of "beer moments" of the year (with apologies for the terrible formatting, I remember now another reason why we haven't been using Blogger much!)...

  • The Banked Beer: Being inspired by Reece Hugill's excellent piece on banked beers (which you can
    read on Pellicle's website here) and having lots of fun attempting our own at Beertown Malton - itself a definite highlight of the year.
  • The Party Beer: Creating an impromptu dance floor at St Mars of the Desert's Smodfest, and absolutely buzzing off the playlist (as well as the very delicious Festbiers). SMOD's taproom is closed until the spring, but is well worth a visit! As a slight aside, this song from said playlist has been a firm feature of my "10k bangers" running music ever since the festival. 
  • The Shouty Beer: Losing my voice whilst joining in Massaoke and genuinely believing I may actually be Bonnie Tyler at Fyne Fest (in a recurrence of a 2019 phenomenon)
  • The Cosy Beer: My glasses steaming up when coming in from the cold to a very cosy Sheaf View - our local. Just one of those pubs that immediately feels warm and welcoming and serves a damn good pint.
  • The Thirst Quencher: A post race pint of Lukas on a hot summer evening after splashing through the River Derwent to cross the finish line of the Grindleford fell race (the beer had been kept cool in that same river!
  • The Family Beer: Sharing a can of Abbeydale Brewery's Irish Stout with my Guinness loving grandad, who enjoyed it but then decided he actually preferred our IPA - he's a convert to hops! Here we are enjoying a SALT Jute together. 
  • The Basic Beer: Making lagerita cocktails (aka a margarita, topped up with that most underrated of beers, a supermarket stubby) to go with homemade seafood boil on my birthday 
  • The "Heal Me" Beer: Spending a hangover day in the wonderful Track taproom, soothed by Steep Soda, restorative lager and a blanket covered in cats 
  • The Summer Beer: A fridge cold can of Schoff and a new book in the garden on the first warm day of the year, watching the bees buzz round the rosemary 
  • The Fun Beer: Laughing til my belly hurts on many occasions when filming Does It Shandy? videos with my pal Michael - you can find our YouTube channel here! A highlight that was sadly lost due to my technical incompetence was a heartfelt duet of Islands in the Stream where the lyrics were all shandy themed. Maybe one day we'll revisit this musical phenomenon.
  • The Heatwave Beer (Festival): A weekend spent with incredible company at Little Earth Fest, drinking oodles of refreshing mixed ferm bevs and setting up an excellent collaborative snack table with our pals at Ampersand Brew Co. Definitely get a trip to Little Earth Project in your diaries if you can - an absolutely beautiful part of the world and they even have a campsite and some little lodges, so you can stay over too!  

I'd love to hear which beer-adjacent moments have made an impact on you this year!



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